You want to know who is attending?

xeet asks for responses

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Flawlessly organized

xeet organizes your group by inviting, reminding and informing.

Well connected

xeet supports Mail, SMS, Slack and Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp coming soon.

Fully informed

Coordination and short-term changes made easy. All channels. All devices.

Let xeet do the work

xeet invites all your members, on all channels, automatically and instantly informs them about the current status.

Have a structured overview in the web

Use the xeet web app to easily manage your events and members from all channels. See their responses, or manually send invations and messages.

Use xeet in your preferred app

Start by just adding the bot to your existing channel. Currently xeet is available on Slack and Telegram and works with E-Mail and SMS too. Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp coming soon.

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